This blog is a combination of information compiled as an element of a seminar course revolving around Virginia Woolf.

About Me

           Hello! My name is Stephanie Cox and as sad as it is to say, I am a senior at Clemson University and will be graduating in May of next year if all goes according to plan. I originally entered college as a Communication Studies major, but quickly transferred into the English department after my first semester of freshmen year. I decided the English major was a perfect fit for me because I have always had a strong passion for reading and knew I could handle the intense amount of literature that is studied as a part of the major. Because I am also interested in public relations, my emphasis area is Writing and Publication Studies. Currently, I am unsure of what I will be doing/where I will be working upon graduation so that is a chapter of my life that is left untold.

            Aside from my major, you may be interested to know that I am from Loris, South Carolina which is a one stoplight town just outside of Myrtle Beach. I enjoy a wide variety of books ranging from classics such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin to newer sensations like the Harry Potter Series. I am also a huge fan of The Scarlett Letter and As I Lay Dying.  After taking a Shakespeare course last semester, I can now honestly say that if I am looking for a more challenging read then Shakespeare’s works are also at the top of the list.  Aside from literature for coursework, John Grisham and Sarah Dessen novels tend to be at the top of my pleasure-reading list. Surprisingly, most of my favorite books are also some of my favorite movies, although they are never quite as entertaining as the written copy. 

Aside from my interests, I just wanted to share with you all that I am really looking forward to learning more about Virginia Woolf. I hope this blog will give me a chance to share as much as possible and really dive into the life and works of Virginia Woolf. She seems like a fascinating person so I am excited to see if her life is as dramatic as it seems to be from rumors floating through the literature realm. Feel free to ask me any questions about myself if they come up. If not, then enjoy browsing through my blog.